Comics Festival in Angoulême 2019

Supported by us in cooperation with the Culture Office Erlangen and the Goethe Institut Paris, our booth at the International Comics Festival in Angoulême 2019 saw a particularly strong showing of visitors this year – and not simply during the reception, when we offered beer and sausages, but rather every single day of the event. Interest in the more than 120 titles was greater than ever before, even when it came to manga or comics for children.

Discussions with artists, publishers, German teachers and other visitors made the booth an important communication hub for those interested in comics written in German. The book signing also saw great interest; among the artists who gave their autographs were Jul Gordon, Anna Haifisch, Magdalena Kaszuba, Reinhard Kleist, Katja Klengel, Nicolas Mahler, Paul Rietzl, Mikael Ross and Burcu Türker.

Nicolas Mahler, who helped set up the booth, presented his book “Alice dans le Sussex”, which was published in French. Burcu Türker, winner of the Berlin Exchange Scholarship, left her studio in Paris to attend the festival and support the booth.