Comics Festival in Łódź

The International Comics and Games Festival in Łódź took place from September 14 to 16. Through the support of the German Comics Association, the festival was organised with an emphasis on Germany. More than 30 artists were presented within a large exhibition based in large part on the catalogue “A House United”, which Lars von Törne had put together for the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair. The catalogue was available in Polish translation.

A smaller version of the exhibition had already been presented by us in 2017 at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). Invited to Łódź were the artists Sascha Hommer, Mawil, Ingo Römling, Paula Bulling (unfortunately had to cancel due to illness) and Burcu Türker. In his address, Stefan Neuhaus presented on the diversity of the German comics scene.

Panel Comicfestival
Burcu Türker Sascha Hommer
Comic Ausstellung
Stefan Neuhaus