Workshop “Comics Journalism at the Museum”

How can we best present the objects, narratives and artefacts of European culture within a museum? How do collections have to change in order to adequately reflect the cultural and social developments within Europe? What characteristics make for a good comic reportage about a museum?

These were the questions at the heart of a two day workshop titled “Comics Journalism at the Museum,” which was organised as part of the comiXconnection Exhibition in the Berlin Museum of European Cultures (MEC). The goal of the workshop was to produce four short comic reportage pieces about the museum. Four journalists and four comic artists carried out the research in a team and worked together on artistic implementation.

The workshop was led by Lilian Pithan and Sascha Hommer. The event took place on the initiative of Beate Wild from the Centre for East Central and South-East Europe at MEC. The Museum Director, Elisabeth Tietmeyer, provided an introduction to the work done at the museum.

The final pieces will be on display shortly, here and on the MEC website.