Donations & Support

Our dear association’s colleague Laëtitia Graffart (1983 – 2021) has been involved in many different topics during her very active comic life, but in particular for the promotion of comic projects that linked artists from France and Germany. In her memory and in order to continue her work, the Deutsche Comicverein e.V. has decided to set up a support fund:

The FondsBeton supports all kinds of Franco-German comic projects: it will be possible to apply for collaborations or events, as well as grants for printing costs and translation aids. Please do use the application sheet. The exact funding guidelines can be viewed here (currently only in German). The application conditions are deliberately kept very low-key. The FondsBeton is set up as a joint donation and consumption fund – and not as an endowment fund with fixed capital, the interest of which is used to generate subsidies. Every donation, regardless of the amount, counts, everyone can donate as he / she wants. Your incoming donations are collected and then paid out once a year according to the funding needs and the payment options. The official handover of the funds is planned once a year as part of the Comic Invasion Berlin.

Donations for FondsBeton can easily be made using the newly set up donation tool on our website, a donation receipt will be issued if required. We are of course available for any of your questions: