Obituary: Laëtitia Graffart

We still can’t believe it: Our German Comic Association’s colleague Laëtitia Graffart was the victim of a road traffic accident at the age of 37 in Berlin-Friedrichshain at the end of May 2021. Since 2020 she has been taking care of the Association’s website and social media. For several years she was the natural mediator between French and German comic culture at the booth of German-language comics in Angoulême. Knew everyone, had read everything, put together the selection of titles for the stand (the photo of the festival stand can be considered symbolic – Laëtitia au millieu et en action, blonde in a gray vest in front of Mikael Ross’s right-hand cartoon character in the background). And was always incredibly friendly, funny, interpreting and highly committed, and also never missed any of the many parties of her numerous comic buddies! For us, besides all this, also the most natural punk lady we have ever met. It could not be otherwise. We will never forget you. We will miss you so much! Adieu, you ambassador of comics between Berlin, Paris and the south of France.

Comicfestival Angoulême Stand
© Stefan Neuhaus

the board of the German Comics Association

(translation: Axel Halling)