LaetBeton & FondsBeton

On November 6 and November 27 2021, they were presented to the German and French public, respectively: The Beton special issue LaetBeton, published by Laëtitia’s former fanzine comrades-in-arms around Stephane Hirlemann, who also contributed the cover, in memory of the Beton founder and editor-in-chief. In both places, Berlin and Marseille, the magazine was distributed free of charge, its contents was presented in an exhibition of the original pages and the “release” was celebrated with two great concerts. There was laughing, crying, reading, talking, watching, drinking and dancing – Laëtitia would have been very proud!!

Here Laëtita’s bandmate in Spätismith, Diane Elektro, plays a song with Klaus Cornfield and band at Kopi137 Berlin, 06.11.2021. (Photo: Axel Halling)

38 artists created their own contributions for the booklet – the speech bubbles traditionally in French, German or both languages at the same time. Stephane Hirlemann, Laëtitia’s long-time collaborator, has made the LaetBeton file available to the comics association for reading on their respective website. Thank you so much!

Everybody please enjoy reading here:

The contributions (in order of appearance) are by:
Wandrille, Alex Chauvel, Klaus Cornfield, Cécile Héritier, Tine Fetz, Crime, Winck, Tina, Pierrick Sartsky, Felix Pestemer, Constanza, Clairikine, Charlotte Hofmann, Jess x, hirlemann, Romza, Slo, Julien Loïs, Fab, Benoît Bedrossian, Audrez Gilles, Sophia Hirsch, Adèle Luce, Céline Sacco, Diane Electro & Tatiana T., Chester, Loïc Saulin, Ulli Lust, Crippa Almqvist, Romigded, Laureline, Gwen Tomahawk, Lizard, Gromain Machin, Jokoko, Aike Arndt.
Editor / Coordination / Editorial: Lilou
Cover: hirlemann
Proofreading: Tine Fetz // Karin // jokoko // marsu // Benoît Bedrossian

This 70+ page publication is the first project to be supported by funds from FondsBeton. Since June 2021, many private and institutional donors have been paying into this support fund, which was established by the Deutscher Comicverein e.V., and the total amount is growing continuously. All interested parties can donate a sum of their choice here, the joint result counts. The fund supports thematically broad projects with French-German comics related, in memory of Laëtitia and in continuation of her mediator role between the comics scenes in France and Germany. In the future, the Comic Society would like to award funding up to a maximum of 500 euros for projects once a year.

Further information and donation option:
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